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My evangelist friend Jonathan Khan told me a fascinating story about his evangelistic encounter with actor Billy Zane on the set of a television show a month ago. Apparently Jonathan approached Billy at the end of the lunch break or down time and gave him a Million Dollar Bill tract. Billy asked what the Bill was and Jonathan responded by saying it shows how a person can be forgiven of all their sins before a holy God.

Jonathan then took Billy through some of the Commandments, asking Billy if he had ever lied, stolen, lusted, etc. Billy admitted to transgressing all these moral laws, yet he still proclaimed his own goodness. Billy was self-righteous and repeatedly claimed that he didn't believe the Bible to be God's Word. Jonathan tried to hammer Billy to show him the reality of a moral absolute and to humble him, but at that moment a production crew called Billy back to set. Regrettably, the evangelistic conversation was cut short before Jonathan could share the good news of what Christ did on Calvary.

What's funny is that during the moments in between takes, Jonathan looked up occasionally and saw Billy staring at him! This doesn't happen very often since principle actors rarely associate, talk, or look at extras. It seems as if Billy was convicted to some sort of alienation or antagonism for Jonathan.

Let us pray on this day for the salvation of Billy Zane, that he may humble himself before God and throw himself entirely on the mercy and grace of Christ.

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