Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Hollywood believes in "God," but who do they say Jesus is?

Hollywood Mission: Possible tells the true story of Steve Cha, a Christian who infiltrated Hollywood with the purpose of carrying out one mission: to bring the light of salvation to those entrapped by the powers of darkness. During his three-year journey, Steve evangelized many famous actors, actresses, directors, and aspirants in Tinsel Town. Though he faced obstacles and threats along the way, Steve survived the mission, and now opens up his undercover file for the world to see.

Steve’s revelatory autobiography recounts how the gospel was shared with celebrities such as Steven Spielberg, Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford, Dan Aykroyd, and many other stars. Unprecedented in the genre, Hollywood Mission: Possible will enlighten, humor, shock, and ultimately inspire readers. Its evangelism scenarios provide a solid script for Christians willing to answer God’s casting call to bring spiritual light to the entertainment industry, and most importantly to the world.

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Category: Autobiography / Evangelism / Inspiration
Publisher: WinePress
Year: 2011
Pages: 316
Available Editions: Softcover and E-Book

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Praise for Hollywood Mission: Possible

“Here is the story of one man’s testimony in Tinsel Town. Steve viewed Hollywood as his mission field, and Hollywood didn’t know what to do with him. Reading Steve’s candid and compelling account made me wonder what I would say had I a moment to share Christ with Brad Pitt, Kiefer Sutherland, or Tori Spelling.”

Robert J. Morgan, Author, Speaker, Pastor

Hollywood continues to set the pace in leading millions in Western culture to think and behave in more godless and self-destructive ways. The brokenness and hopelessness that accompanies Hollywood’s philosophy is rarely pondered and less frequently exposed by those within its ranks. I am grateful for Steve Cha’s heart which so passionately desires to see those in today’s movie and television industry come to realize their need for the gospel of Jesus Christ. How strategic it is to have those within the industry stand up and unabashedly proclaim the Lordship of Christ in such a needful time.”

Dr. Mike Fabarez, Pastor
Compass Bible Church, Alison Viejo, CA;
Focal Point Ministry

“You may not agree with Steve’s methods, but this book will motivate you to be a more passionate evangelist. Hollywood Mission: Possible is a fast-moving look at Cha’s life, as well as his approach to evangelism, but ultimately it ends up making the reader ask this question: Am I doing all I can to reach the lost?

Jesse Johnson, Outreach Pastor
Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, CA;
Professor of Evangelism, The Master’s Seminary

“Whether you are a Christian who shares his/her faith, a Christian who doesn’t, or simply a seeking unbeliever, I highly recommend this book. Never before have we witnessed firsthand the gospel being preached behind the scenes on actual movie sets and TV shows!"

Jonathan Khan, Evangelism Trainer and Leader
Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, CA