Friday, June 10, 2011


Know of a good Christian book? I'd love to hear suggestions. Shoot me a comment and name the book, author, and genre/category.


  1. Hey Steve, I think it is a great thing your doing, keep it up, if their is anyway i can help spread the word let me know. Your bok list looks pretty solid already but i could throw in a few i have read and also a few i have that i have read some of, but not all of.
    1. Watchman Nee the Normal Christian Life
    2. Charles Leiter Justification and Regeneration
    3. Paul Washer the one true god and the truth about man
    4. Ravi Zacharias From the east to the west
    5. C.S Lewis Mere Christianity
    6. K.P yohannan revolution in world misions and also road to reality
    7. Andrew Murray absolute surrender
    8. paris reidhead finding the reality of god
    9. leonard ravenhill why revival tarries
    Hey man if your looking for a good site, checkout

  2. I agree totally with K.P. Yohanan's Revolution in World Missions. Also another one by Him is No Longer a Slumdog.
    Steve, I heard you today on American Family Radio, with Tim's humor, and Marvin. I started praying for you during that time, and will continue for GOD to stir their hearts and open their eyes to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We need Hollywood to be changed for ever and ever. Thanks and God Bless you and your ministry. Ann