Monday, November 22, 2010



by Paul Miller

Category: Christian Living

When people say that Hollywood is a sort of "Sin City," it's not an exaggeration. It is truly a community where immorality is ignored and sin is exalted. One of my friends named Jonathan, who is a background actor, told me a story about a recent occurrence on set that disturbed him. During the last scene of the day, the lead actor improvised a bunch of cursing and blasphemous lines - I guess as part of his method acting deal. When the cameras stopped rolling, the cast and crew applauded the actor! Yes, a glorification of cursing and crude language. I guess this just shows how sad the state of morality is in certain professional environments. I shouldn't find this too shocking since we are living in the last days before Jesus' Second Coming. The last days that are marked by blasphemy, immorality, cold-heartedness, and a gamut of other sins.

I experienced something similar on another production in October of 2009. The show was Party Down. During the last scene of the day (which was a food eating contest), the main characters celebrated their victory by cheering and shouting happily with all profanities imaginable. It was somewhat unreal to me, yet it might have been normal for others to hear such. I felt sick to my stomach to hear such things coming out of these people's mouths, add to that the fact that the crew found it hilarious afterwards. It was truly one of my most disheartening moments for me on set.

I say these things not to condescend or display moral superiority over others. I know that I am a sinner as well, doing many things in the past and present that would upset my Lord. It just grieves me because I have come to love righteousness and hate sin. My heart strives to be one with God's, and any offense towards Him is definitely one towards me. Forgive me if the Holy Spirit convicts me so much to be affected by things such as foul language in our society. This just comes to show how much I love and care enough about people that I would want them saved and transformed by the working of the Spirit. It is because of this that I evangelize fervently to lost sinners. I work with the hope that God would transform them in the same way He transformed me. That is the only way a depraved heart can ever be cleansed and turned towards righteous conduct. We truly need the righteousness of Christ to revive our dead selves.

Let us continue to pray for the welfare of the industry, and for the salvation of actors.

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