Sunday, October 17, 2010


On Friday night, I attended a 25th Anniversary KKLA radio event at Lake Avenue Church in Pasadena. The two guest speakers on this night were actor Kirk Cameron and pastor Greg Laurie. Kirk went up to the podium to speak first. But before so, host Frank Pastore introduced him and gave a very exalted view of Kirk's past accomplishments, highlighting everything from the actor's days on Growing Pains to his current projects of the Way of the Master TV show and the film Fireproof. Of course, such words are are always customary to show respect to the speakers at hand.

When Kirk finally got up, he bashfully remarked, "Wow. Frank made me sound like I'm such a big, important, and influential guy in this world. Well, he could have actually skipped all that..."

Then Mr. Cameron humbled his tone, and said, "I just come to you tonight as a simple sinner...saved by God's grace."

This line took the entire room by force, as everyone applauded with sheer joy!

My heart was jubilant as well. If there was ever a celebrity line that can be considered worthy of so much praise, this would definitely be it!

Bravo Kirk.

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